Accommodation for Visitors

<工事中です。現在、アコモデーションの空きはございません。No accommodation is available at this moment … >

Are you planning to visit Waseda / Tokyo? You must have found that there is no appropriate hotels around Waseda other than Rihga Royal Hotel which may be too expensive for the vast majority of students and visitors.

We try to provide you with appropriate accommodation near Waseda by sharing the members’ private accommodation which are usually located within a few minutes from the University. This way, you will be benefited from a very economical way of visiting Tokyo, obtain the live information about Waseda and even make a friend.

Please make an inquiry about the availability of accommodation, specifying the number of persons (usually from one to three) and dates. If the accommodation is available, we will send you the details including the photos of the accommodation, the profile of the host and the map. If you are happy, you will be asked to send the copies of your ID (passport and student card) in advance, and be asked to pay a contribution (usually 50% of the equivalent hotels) at the end of your stay. You and your host can decide the details of your stay. We, your host, will do our best to make your stay happy and memorable! Your contribution will be used for maintenance of our activities, education and research (Thank you).